Gartner has ranked NetApp as a leader for mid-range disk and NAS in its Magic Quadrant. Gartner also recognizes NetApp’s merit in other storage-related markets, including storage resource management, data protection services, storage implementation services, and backup and recovery.

Enjoy application-level flexibility with our Data ONTAP® operating system, which delivers just-in-time storage with policy-based control. And use NetApp Snapshot™ technology to back up your assets without extended backup windows.

With a variety of solutions that range from entry-level to high-end configurations. NetApp enables your design, engineering, and production teams to allocate storage on demand which pools storage resources automatically. Therefore reducing overall costs, increased data flow performance, scalability and utilization.



NetApp’s E-Series is a High Performance, Cost Effective block level Storage Area Network solution. It supports both Iscusi and Fibrechannel Protocols. Tried and Tested reliability coupled with aggressive pricing makes the E-Series is the perfect fit for small and medium sized organisations looking for entry level, high performance block storage. With support for V/M ware and Oracle Integration and a flexible modular design, it’s no wonder the E-Series is one of the most popular SAN based solutions on the market today.

Features of E-Series:

  • Dynamic Disk Pools. 6x faster rebuild times (minutes, not days) and continuous high performance during drive rebuild.
  • SSD Cache/Hybrid Storage. Expedited access to “hot” data through automated real-time caching to SSD; mix and match SSDs and HDDs.
  • Enhanced Snapshot Copies. More precise recovery point objectives and faster recovery.
  • Thin Provisioning. Improve storage utilization up to 35% and eliminate overprovisioning.
  • Enterprise Replication out of the box. Cost-effective enterprise-class disaster recovery of data with FC and IP replication.
  • Encrypted Drive Support. Extended security enhancements for compliance and regulations.


Netapp FAS solutions are the most feature rich SAN’s in the market today with a very rich feature set, native support for multiple network protocols, and industry leading application integration.

All NetApp FAS systems have inherent support for block level de-duplication and Thin Provisioning. NetApp certified Raid – DP technology protects against double disk failure. Support for Cifs and NFS is provided as standard and at no extra cost.

In addition to this reach feature-set, all NetApp FAS systems are underpinned by NetApp’s revolutionary Clustered Data Ontapp Operating System, providing businesses with complete control of their data wherever it resides on the network, be it on premise or in the cloud. With support for Flash storage, 5 – 9’s reliability,  and “always on” availability the FAS is the premiere Network Attached Storage system available in the world today.


  • Integrate with Microsoft Solutions such as Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, SQL and Office 365.
  • Built in Snapshot Technology
  • High I/O performance
  • SAS/ SATA/ SSD/ FLASH drives
  • Cost effective Disaster Recovery & Archiving solution for SMBs
  • Terabyte to Petabye storage capacity