Remote Backup


Data is fundamentally the most important commodity your business owns and so, you need to protect it.

There are many ways in which we can backup data. However, businesses are now moving away from more traditional methods of backup such as, Tapes and External HDD’s. Primary reasons for this is that it isn’t a truly full proof backup solution as the company has to manage and maintain the hardware. Not to mention, if the data is only located in another machine but in the same building then both the primary and secondary data locations can be lost by a single incident.

Offsite backup is a truly valuable solution offering immediate return of investment from day one.


  • More Reliable: as the whole process is automated offsite backups are more reliable. Your files are updated on a daily basis and because these solutions work over the Internet, you will be able to recover files quickly.
  • Reduced Workload: more traditional backup solutions require a member of staff or a trained IT professional to manually backup the data. However, because of the automated process a significant amount of time is saved. The staff member or IT professionals only responsibility is the management of the backups from its control panel.
  • Easy Installation: J-Media trained Engineers have been delivering this service for years, so rest assured, we have streamlined the process.
  • Secure: offsite backup servers are more times than not, located in highly secure datacentres. Datacentres vary on their level of redundancy giving them a ‘Tier’ score. J-Media will always recommend at least a Tier 3 datacentre for your company data as these have significant failover features such as; back up power generators, multiple security levels, modular designs etc
  • Saves Money: if you have numerous computers with large quantities of data that need regular backups, you will be all too aware of the costs of physical storage. The vast majority of remote backup solutions are billed on a monthly-basis and support near unlimited amount of backup space. If your industry deals in high data loads or you have to store legacy data for amount of years, the cost savings will be well noticed.

If you are interested in learning about what offsite backup solution is suitable for your company and how it can help, please contact J-Media today.

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