Managed IT


We specialise in supporting midsize to enterprise companies throughout the UK. The J-Media service desk has been designed for direct to 3rd line support putting you in touch with the highest certified engineers.

Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Mobiles, Firewalls, Switches, Routers and applications, we are here to managed and support you.

Our proactive Managed IT Service has been designed to reduce your costs, mitigate business risk and overall increase your profits within the business. We partner as your Chief Information Officer/ IT Department and so treat us like one. We’re regularly meet with clients and vendors to help guide you through complex solutions, that ultimately impact on the business.

Remember, every IT decision is a business decision.


IT Support = 100% Reactive Support. These types of providers are waiting for incidents to happen. Then you the client has to contact them and explain the problem. After the ticket has been raised, the engineer uses a remote access only software to then explore where the fault is.

During this investigation time, you experience downtime or performance issues which effects your work and therefore productivity. Ultimately costing the business money as the cause of the problem was not identified in the earlier stages.

Managed IT Service = 100% Proactive Support. What sets J-Media apart from all competition is the software used to deliver our service. Our Advanced Monitoring & Diagnostics enables the centralised helpdesk to identify glitches or irregularities on the infrastructure.

By doing so, Internally Generated Tickets are created for engineers to act upon. What this means is that we don’t rely on you telling us about the problem. We’ve already identified it and resolved it. Meaning significantly reduced downtime and increased productivity.

By becoming an extension of your business we become a TRUE Partner. This relationship starts by evaluating your current infrastructure, reporting on it and in all honesty giving it a well needed MOT. Infrastructure, Hardware, Software, Network Design, Unique Configurations and Line-of-business applications are all reported back to the Engineering team from the get go.

By following our Proven On-Boarding Process, we not only avoid a natural ‘learning curve’ that you will find with IT Support providers but immediately align your long-term business goals with the current infrastructure. This way, we can proactively consult with you new technology and solutions that will compliment those business goals.

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