Project Management


You need not worry any more. The J-Media team have been successfully delivering IT Projects for the past 15 years. Everything from PC Builds through to complete Office Moves, J-Media Engineers are well experienced in handling and delivering complex IT Projects.

Successful IT Projects demand tried and tested best-practice methodologies. Through working with our clients our IT Operations Director has developed a standardized process that our Engineers follow for every IT Project.

Goals and targets are set with every IT Project our Engineers undergo. Post completion, a review of the project is carried out, detailing all stages from start to finish. As part of our ethos for continuous improvement, our IT Project best-practices methods are constantly adapting to ensure faster delivery and greater customer satisfaction.


After J-media purchase your new hardware through our Procurement service, it is then delivered to our office. Here we build the machine including installation of all 3rd party applications, security settings, user profiles and Active Directory configuration. So your new member of staff hits the ground running from day one with all the tools & access they need.

A fully comprehensive New Starter Process is taken with each client of J-Media. This process is tailored as our relationship and understanding grows. That may be that with each new Desktop or Laptop, you wish for hard drive encryption, or for Office 365 accounts to be configured. The process is entirely bespoke to your requirements.


If you’re relocating or planning for growth consult with J-Media on how best to move your IT infrastructure safely and with minimal disruption to operations. Your IT Manager will work closely with you to plan out a cost effective process that offers little to no disruption. Office Moves for J-Media start before you’ve agreed the new office location. Allow J-Media to advise you on the suitability of the building based on structured cabling, data ports, cooling & ventilation as well as internet connectivity.


Leverage the knowledge accumulated over years of industry experience.

Server upgrades, consolidation, expansion, improved security measures and application rollout all effect the business as a whole. These IT Projects are in their nature, highly complex and have the potential to cause severe disruption should anything go wrong.

We’re here to help and deliver the changes your business requires.

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